Military Roundtable Highlights Fort Snelling in World War II

The Otter Tail County Historical Society continues the Military Roundtable discussion with look at Fort Snelling in World War II. Historian and Minnesota Military History expert Stephen E. Osman will discuss and answer questions about Fort Snelling’s role in World War II on Monday, May 3, 2010 at noon. Osman, who is retired now, worked for the Minnesota Historical Society as the site manager at Fort Snelling. He has conducted research on every aspect of military life at Fort Snelling from details about uniforms to drill and training methods.

Nearly 300,000 soldiers and sailors were inducted for service there while others trained to operate railroads, serve as military police, or speak Japanese as Fort Snelling fought its last war. Mr. Osman will take us into the life of Minnesota’s Greatest Generation at Fort Snelling with photos and personal narratives. For more information, call (218)736-6038 or email

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